Willemijn Maas is a medical doctor, holistic vitality coach, yoga teacher, and owner of Elemental Life which focuses on women looking for holistic well-being.

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Creating a New Life after Burnout

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Willemijn Maas is a medical doctor, holistic vitality coach, and yoga teacher. Over the last few years she navigated a series of life events and health issues, guiding her to find a new way of being, both personally and professionally.

 She transitioned from a traditional career as a Senior Medical Doctor and Operational Manager in a corporate healthcare company to an online business. She has been interested in feminine practices for over 15 years, including cycle tracking, and living with the Moon and the seasons, and healed from burnout and chronic pain with the help of these practices.

 Willemijn is the owner of Elemental Life, a platform for women looking for holistic well-being. She offers holistic vitality coaching and online programs to ambitious women with energy management issues like overwhelm, stress and burnout, and she writes bi-weekly Moon Reports. Cyclical Living is the cornerstone of her services.

 Through sharing knowledge about the body and mind, yoga therapy and meditation practices, astrology, developing spiritual practices, and connecting to nature and the natural cycles, she helps ambitious, inspired women reclaim their energy so they can make the impact they are longing for.

 Willemijn is determined to lead the way to empowerment and healing for other women, her two daughters, and to contribute to healing and restoration of the planet we live on.