Theresa Pridemore is Soul Brand Strategist and Online Business Mentor.

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Harness Your Brand Magic: Power Archetypes for Female Entrepreneurs & Lightworkers

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Full Bio:

Theresa Pridemore is a Soul Brand Strategist and Online Business Mentor. She believes that soulful, high integrity leadership is possible and that your visibility is vital to uplifting your full purpose.

After running a successful web, design, and branding agency for over a decade, Theresa craved a deeper level of meaning in her work and desired to serve in a bigger way. She asked her guides, consulted her pendulum, and a new incarnation of her business emerged: Sovereign Spirit, a soul brand mentorship and online strategy consultancy designed to address the deeper challenges that Spirit-led entrepreneurs face when approaching matters of visibility, value, and sustainability.

Now, Theresa supports growing leaders in fully claiming their genius through inspired brands and step-by-step visibility strategies.

When you are ready to claim the next level in your work and audience, Theresa is the person to call to help you navigate the terrain of going bigger with your expression, visibility, and mission