Simone Wright is an internationally respected authority on Mysticism, Intuition and Evolutionary Creativity.

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Visioneering ~ Shaping your Future from the Inside-Out

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Simone Wright is an internationally respected authority on Mysticism, Intuition and Evolutionary Creativity. Steeped in a lifetime of Mystical experience and inquiry, Simone brings a clear, down to earth and often humorous perspective to the concepts of Consciousness, Spiritual evolution and Transformation. With the intention of ‘knocking the fluff’ off of many of the concepts of the New Age, Simone grounds her teaching in ancient Mystical concepts and philosophies to bring greater Peace, Power and Potency to our Spiritual Adventure.

She has put these principles to work in her own life to heal her body from a life-threatening disorder, to shape her businesses and to become the highest selling artist of her kind in the world. She has used her skills to assist law enforcement in missing children’s’ cases and others, has trained and taught people from all walks of life how to tap into their Intuitive power, and has coached people from around the world how to step into their authentic Spiritual power and begin to walk the path of the Modern Mystic with greater Strength, Courage and Mastery.

Simone is also an inspired entrepreneur, who runs three businesses and recently began a partnership with NASA and the Hubble Telescope Science team to launch an International art show in Los Angeles in 2020. Her website is www.simonewright.com and her new podcast is called Modern Mystics with Simone Wright and can be found on I-Tunes and Podbean.