Jocelyn Mercado

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Jocelyn Mercado is a spiritual guide for the modern world, transformational business coach, and founder of Sacred Planet.

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The 3 Secrets to Being FEARLESS in Your Life & Business!

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Full Bio:

After a high-powered 15-year career in budgeting and finance in corporate business (working for major multinational corporations and government contractors), I decided that there had to be another way…. Because my soul was crying out for a change, and I knew this was not what I was meant to do for the rest of my life.

When I set out to launch my business, Sacred Planet, I embarked on a journey of learning everything I could about entrepreneurship. Initially, I learned ALL the mainstream ways you’re supposed to run an online business, and do internet marketing.

But I knew that something was still off. The programs I immersed myself in to learn marketing and list building were NOT aligned with my desire to share my gifts genuinely, generously, compassionately, in (how best can I say this?) NON-SALESY ways.

I then started redesigning the business strategies as I learned them, and found that I could communicate ~ and even SELL ~ in a feminine way, that felt uplifting & empowering, both for me and my clients (and my larger audience). I also discovered mentors and other leaders who I have come to deeply admire ~ many of whom are speaking at this event! ~ who have further confirmed my knowing that business CAN be done in a feminine way.

I re-designed all aspects of Sacred Planet to be compatible with what I know to be true about caring for the world. That honors my own energy and values. Where the marketing can feel generous. And where I know what I’m doing is creating significant positive change for our world, as well as bringing in abundant income.

Throughout this time, I have also explored a limitless universe of studying indigenous wisdom and earth-based spirituality. I have trained with elders including Pat McCabe in supporting women to root into the inner wisdom that flows through their bodies and through the planet.

While these may seem like separate pursuits, they really aren’t. This Summit shows the ways that insights from Earth wisdom can be used to support the feminine as we rise up to reshape and recast the world.

From a world that is no longer working for everyone, to a world in which we can all feel free, welcome, honored, heard and respected.

That’s who you’re going to be hearing from in Fearless Female Entrepreneurs, and that’s what you’re going to be learning.

I am so excited to share this path with you. It’s changed everything for me … And it’s going to do the same for you, too.