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If you know you’re here to disrupt the status quo & shake things up,

Through your soul's mission work and your visionary business …

Goddess, you are ALREADY part of a massive global movement ~ A tribe of women who are here to change EVERYTHING.

WE are the feminine fire that is burning down all the structures, systems, and prejudices that no longer serve humanity. 

WE are the force that is going to build up something new and better.

WE are the future.

WE have the power to create massive societal change.

YOU are that future. 

It’s time for us to make ourselves, our work, and our message HEARD – on a global scale – to launch it out into the world so that everyone who needs to hear this message gets it.

So our voices can roar collectively.

You are receiving this message because YOU want to make a difference.

You are receiving this because YOU know you’re meant to play a part… a BIG part… in the global revolution that is happening RIGHT NOW.

You weren’t meant for the sidelines. You weren’t meant to watch this revolution pass you by.

You’re meant to be a key player.

You’re already kicking a** in the work you’re doing.

But you’re ready to take it to the next level.

And you’re looking for the tools, the vision, the strategies, & the inspiration to massively amplify the impact of the great work you’re already doing.

That’s exactly what you’re going to receive when you attend Fearless Female Entrepreneurs.

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immerse yourself in some of the most cutting-edge, up-to-date information about topics to Supercharge Your life & business, including:

3-Day Workweek: Full-Time Income, Part-Time Hourswith Cailen Ascher

Creating a New Life After Burnout with Willemijn Maas

Discover Your ‘Secret Sauce’ as a Speaker with Alexia Vernon

Awakening to the Power of Money to Change the World with Kendra E Thornbury

Undeniable, Outrageous and Raw: The Power & Potency of Answering Your Soul with Clare Dubois

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During the 6 days of Fearless Female Entrepreneurs, you’ll gain insight & actionable strategy steps you can implement right away on:

  • Expanding your reach, influence, and audience ~ Growing your TRIBE ~ In a way that’s aligned with your purpose. (This is not “Internet Marketing 101" ~ This is about serving the world in a way that brings you freedom, fulfillment, and financial abundance)

  • Running your highly-successful business in a way that truly embodies the feminine principles: compassion, healing, generosity, creativity, and self-care

  • Honoring all aspects of yourself, so you’ll experience joy and ease rather than burnout and exhaustion

  • How to generate an INCREDIBLE income that gives you freedom and allows you to create & contribute to the world directly from your heart & soul ~ Because you are already receiving everything you need & being recognized as the thought leader that you truly are

This powerful panel of 20 entrepreneurial experts will share details with you about their OWN personal journey to entrepreneurship, with all of the challenges and triumphs along the way.

You’ll learn from their mistakes, so you can avoid pitfalls, and fast-track your own success.

AND you’ll get to copy their secrets & strategies, which they are so excited to share with you, in every single interview!

In just under a week, you will:

  • Experience a potent shift into the next level of what you know is possible for your business AND your income

  • Create an upleveled income plan using the strategies from our experts so that you can step off the hamster wheel and get paid what you’re really worth, for the transformational value you are bringing to the world

  • Learn new, creative marketing ideas that are aligned with your values and deliver tons of value & inspiration to your audience

  • Immerse yourself in a new way of doing business that’s created by women, allowing us to step out of the masculine business / money / power paradigm

  • Redesign your schedule to leave plenty of time for self-care, family, exercise, and all that’s most important to you

  • Experience a powerful visioning process to establish a whole new, higher-level perspective on where you are now & where you’re going

  • Reduce stress, find new ways to delegate (or just say NO), and preserve your precious time & life-force energy

  • Learn how speaking can supercharge your business growth and profits, all while allowing you to share your core message with a wider, global audience

  • Learn how to use your new, increased income to change the world

  • And so much more!

Are you in? Join me to create a new feminine paradigm that supports us, while we re-create the world together…

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Meet our visionary speakers:


Meet Jocelyn, your host and the creator of Fearless Female Entrepreneurs:

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After a high-powered 15-year career in budgeting and finance in corporate business (working for major multinational corporations and government contractors), I decided that there had to be another way…. Because my soul was crying out for a change, and I knew this was not what I was meant to do for the rest of my life.

When I set out to launch my business, Sacred Planet, I embarked on a journey of learning everything I could about entrepreneurship. Initially, I learned ALL the mainstream ways you’re supposed to run an online business, and do internet marketing.

But I knew that something was still off. The programs I immersed myself in to learn marketing and list building were NOT aligned with my desire to share my gifts genuinely, generously, compassionately, in (how best can I say this?) NON-SALESY ways.

I then started redesigning the business strategies as I learned them, and found that I could communicate ~ and even SELL ~ in a feminine way, that felt uplifting & empowering, both for me and my clients (and my larger audience). I also discovered mentors and other leaders who I have come to deeply admire ~ many of whom are speaking at this event! ~ who have further confirmed my knowing that business CAN be done in a feminine way.

I re-designed all aspects of Sacred Planet to be compatible with what I know to be true about caring for the world. That honors my own energy and values. Where the marketing can feel generous. And where I know what I’m doing is creating significant positive change for our world, as well as bringing in abundant income.

Throughout this time, I have also explored a limitless universe of studying indigenous wisdom and earth-based spirituality. I have trained with elders including Pat McCabe in supporting women to root into the inner wisdom that flows through their bodies and through the planet.

While these may seem like separate pursuits, they really aren’t. This Summit shows the ways that insights from Earth wisdom can be used to support the feminine as we rise up to reshape and recast the world.

From a world that is no longer working for everyone, to a world in which we can all feel free, welcome, honored, heard and respected.

That’s who you’re going to be hearing from, and that’s what you’re going to be learning.

I am so excited to share this path with you. It’s changed everything for me and those around me … And it’s going to do the same for you, too.

With love and gratitude, Jocelyn Mercado


Here are the next-level topics that our speakers can’t wait to present to you:

Laura Wright ~ Empowered Women Sell With EASE

Alexia Vernon ~ Discover Your ‘Secret Sauce’ as a Speaker

Jocelyn Mercado ~ The 3 Secrets to Being FEARLESS in Your Life & Business

Kendra E Thornbury ~ Awakening to the Power of Money to Change the World

Cailen Ascher ~ 3-Day Workweek: Full-Time Income, Part-Time Hours

Willemijn Maas ~ Creating a New Life After Burnout

Tamika Auwai ~ Marketing Like A Maverick: 5 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do Differently To Grow Their Business

Julia Ford-Carther ~ 3 Simple Steps to Total Alignment in Your Life & Business

Simone Wright ~ Visioneering: Shaping Your Future from the Inside-Out

Aeolian Heart ~ Setting Course by the Stars: How I Became a Stellar Entrepreneur!

Jamie Broderick ~ Dream, Take Risks, and Create Something Extraordinary

Dr. Marie Mbouni ~ Trust as a Path to Fearless Female Leadership

Theresa Pridemore ~ Harness Your Brand Magic: Power Archetypes for Female Entrepreneurs & Lightworkers

Quiana LaChé ~ Overcoming Adversity With Focus & Prayer

Sofiah Thom ~ Lead the Way as the Graceful Warrior

Titilayo Tinubu Ali ~ How to Own Your Expertise In Your 9-to-5 Job and Beyond

Clare Dubois ~ Undeniable, Outrageous and Raw: The Power & Potency of Answering Your Soul

Stephanie Briggs ~ Find Your Light: How to Come Out of Hiding So You Can Live Your Mission

Dr. Tayria Ward ~ Following the Thread of your Gift

Aurora Farber ~ TBD

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Take a stand for an entirely new way of doing business in our world … A way that is aligned with the feminine principles.

Are you in? Join me to create a new feminine paradigm that supports us, while we re-create the world together…

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